Powerd by LOOGLE

High-Speed Log Indexing Engine

With Versatility and Extensibility

LogOcean is an engine that makes it possible to consolidate, search and output various logs


  • Retrieve Multiple Log Files
  • Indexer for High-Speed Search
  • Create a Reusable Unified Log
  • Advanced Search Function (GUI & CLI)
  • Search Result Output


  • No Need Log Format Settings
    • Indexing various type of log at a same time
    • Can handle any kind of logs: App, Network, Server, or Cloud
  • Reusable Data Format
    • Data can be easily reused by separating and saving logs and indexes
  • Advanced Keyword Search
    • Search by multiple keywords with AND/OR/NOT
    • Search by specifying the date period
  • Download Search Results from GUI in Text Format
  • Streaming Output of Search Result from CLI
  • RESTful API Search and Indexing
  • Search Compressed Log

GUI Image

High-Performance and Flexibility

•High-Speed Indexing

High-Speed Streaming Search

All-in-One Logging, Indexing, Searching, Saving in one server

Setup/Storage Flexibility

Use Case and Data Collaboration

Track Cross-Search Multiple Logs

Pick up Matched Log by Referring to the Database

    • Continuous matching of vulnerability, spam, bot database and log

Data Visualization Collaboration with Re:dash

AI analysis Collaboration with data cleansing

    • Generate valid analysis data by formatting and optimizing data

Version and License info

Veraion Index


  • OS: Linux Distributions
  • Minimum Spec: 1CPU/512MB Memory (actual spec may vary with log size)
  • Distribution Type: rpm/deb packages, and docker Hub

*Ask Reseller for On-Premise Package

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